Hair System Types

All Our Hair Systems are made using 100% Human Hair. They take about 8 weeks to create from the order date. Our amazing quality Europe hair is of such quality that it can be easily coloured or permed.

Men's Systems

Hair Systems Direct always carry stock, it is rare we have to order in. We stock extra large systems, 10" x 8", hair length 6" and all our systems can be cut to your individual size.

As mentioned earlier all our systems are made with the finest quality Europe hair. Other systems available are only made from inferior quality Chino/India hair. Our hairlines are made with the very latest technology give an incredibly natural look.


Ladies' Systems

conventional-hair-systemsHair Systems Direct always carry stock, it is rare we have to order in. We stock Size 8" x 7", even 16" length, with finest quality  Europe hair.

This traditional system is made from an ultra fine durable French lace with a very fine polyurethane  perimeter.

Each hair is knotted individually onto the lace base. Single hairs are then "injected" into the polyurethane.

This System is excellent for people with fine hair or where the density of their hair has diminished, but where their hair forward or to the side.


Micro Skin Hair Systems:

skin-hair-systemsSometimes called  Perma Skin Membranes. The base is made of an ultra thin  permeable  PU membrane.

Whilst durability isn’t a strong point you will get a superb undetectable appearance. Each hair  is attached strand by strand, by a secure "V Loop" process giving an amazing effect  of the hair appearing to grow out of the scalp.

Micro Skin Systems are made with light to medium density and are easily attached with liquid glue or tape adhesive.


Full ( French) Lace Hair Replacement Systems:

full-lace-hair-systemsMade using the latest technology, each hair is individually knotted onto the finest Hollywood lace.

An incredible High definition hairline with the added benefit of bleached knots.

This system has invisible hand sewn cross stitching for greater durability.

All this to give an amazingly natural, realistic appearance.


Lace Front  multi size Hair Systems:

lace-front-hair-systemsAlso known as " Movie Star Systems", this amazing system combines durability with the most natural Swiss Lace High Definition hairlines.

The main part of the base is made from "Fine Mono Lace" with Fine Polyurethane panels which follow the contours of your head  enabling you to cut up to the panels and so cut to size.

The Lace front is incredibly natural with bleached knots, the rest of the body of the base is more robust for durability.